About Scott Jones Photography

Based in the New York City area, and with over 15 years of experience shooting for some of the best known publications in the US, my work has appeared in InStyle, People, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, Time, New York Magazine, and Country Living Magazine, to name a few. Ad assignments have included: The GAP, LensCrafters, Office Depot, Ritz-Carlton, Zyrtec & Zoloft - for Deutsch, McCann-Erickson, Tracy-Locke, and BBDO.
Recently I¬íve been doing a lot of publishing work shooting for Clarkson Potter and Lark Books (now Lark Crafts). SIMPLY SUBLIME BAGS and SIMPLY SUBLIME GIFTS  by DIY guru Jodi Kahn, and AWAREKNITS by well known crafting author Vickie Howell, are on bookshelves now.  More books are currently in production for Soho Publishing and F+W Media.
     Before I began my photography career I was an independent filmmaker here in NYC. This is where I cut my teeth as a visual artist and what informs my still photography work today.  Since then, I have pursued my photography career with a nod toward story telling (narratives are often a part of my pictures - an echo from my filmmaker beginnings).   As a result I am also very comfortable on TV/Film sets and understand the chain of command, and etiquette required to get terrific shots from behind the scenes.
        And I have a really sweet little country farmhouse in northeast PA that's a dandy location for print or motion picture work! It's a little over 2 hours from NYC.